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Krolman Single-Use “Create-a-Kit”

**1** Choose any kit assortment from the Single-Use instrument section as well as the list below of non-instrument components.

**2** Email to request a quotation and to get a new Krolman Order Number to reference when ordering your kits.

**3** Place your order and tell us where to send it. We will gladly “drop-ship” all or part of your order to your different sites or to your custom pack assembly vendor.

Single-Use instruments/kits packed in sealed Tyvek peel-packs. Gamma irradiation sterilization service (see below) optional. Instruments CE-marked and marked “Single-Use”. Components of instruments may include stainless steel, carbon steel, metal alloy and plastic.

Items available in addition to instruments:

Cotton Balls

Cotton Tip Applicators

4x4 Gauze (groups of 4,6, or 10)

Scalpel Blades

Scalpels w/Handle

Removable Lot#/Expiry Strips Label


Click to enlargeAutoclavable Kit Packaging Service - FREEKit instruments CSR-wrapped and sealed in autoclave compatible peel pouch with "autoclaved OK" indicator strip.

Available for any kit (some Create-a-Kit components excluded)

Click to enlargeGamma Irradiation Sterilization ServiceCertificate of Irradiation provided with each shipment. Sterility assurance gamma dose independently validated by Geneva Labs according to AAMI Guideline AAMI/ISO TIR No. 13409-1996:

ECONOMY SERVICE: 12 weeks delivery, CRB Price 2.000

STANDARD SERVICE: 8 weeks delivery, CRB Price 3.000

RUSH SERVICE: 4 weeks delivery, CRB Price 4.000



*Available for USA customers only. 100-1,999 kits/yr shipped on dates and in quantities specified on Blanket Order form. +/- 25% monthly volume changes, no charge. Other changes (components or cancellation) >6 mos. notice, no charge; <6 mos., CRB Price 4.000. BENEFITS: free gamma sterilization, free shipping, fixed kit price with monthly billing, more storage space.

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