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**unique leak-proof seal using Luer-lock lid-to-base engagement design

**100% PMMA plastic allowing lid and base to shrink/expand at same rate with temperature changes to maintain sterile seal

**improved flow and suction-to-lid-risk elimination by means of 0.5mm protrusions in lid

**lid numbers 7, 8, 9, 0, 1 and 2 with adjacent hatch lines provide reference points for training and double as a diameter measurement tool (eg. 0 mark is precisely 10mm from center, thus indicating diameter of a 20mm object)

**elimination of stationary bubble in center via basket design

**distortion-free optical clarity of viewing windows using corrective lens eyewear precision manufacturing

**wider viewing angle for interferometric OCT and slit lamp microscope viewing

**brighter microscope image due to wider aperture of viewing windows

**natural (red-tint-free) appearance due to minimum light scattering with straight barrel design

**ergonomically friendly one-finger rotation force to screw down lid via unique square threads

**easy retrieval of contents due to wider gap between basket supports for insertion of forceps

**Tyvek clear laminate peel pouch packaging provides mini sterile field

20ml capacity. 5cm diameter x 3.6cm height. Pre-sterilized by gamma radiation, certificate of irradiation included (via email). 24/carton.

In stock, ships within 24hrs.

*Frequent Buyer Plan 20% discount off price below applied to invoice for customers purchasing KROLMAN SINGLE-USE INSTRUMENT KITS, minimum of 0.0800 CRB applies per donor

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Viewing Chamber 24/carton K55-57007-33CRB Price: 

Tamper Evident TapeTamper Evident TapeFor use with Krolman Viewing Chamber. Red imprint "Tamper Resistant" on transparent backing, 0.5" x 72 yds.

Discontinued. Available directly at:

Viewing Chamber w/Luer Lock Seal, Non-sterileBulk-packed in non-sealed poly bag.

20ml capacity. 5cm diameter x 3.6cm height. 72/carton.

In stock, ships within 24hrs.

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Slit Lamp Viewing Chamber GimbalSlit Lamp Viewing Chamber GimbalFor slit lamp microscope viewing with Krolman Viewing Chamber. Non-reflective, freely rotating core grips viewing chamber. Gimbal allows inversion to alternate between top or bottom views. **NEW** rotation fins on bottom allow rotation without touching viewing chamber lid. Attaches to any brand of microscope. Reversible black-white background included. rev.7.2

** free rotation ** free inversion ** one-handed operation ** reversible background **

Delivery time: 8 weeks.

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